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Gilead Sciences Best Price Action Trading analysis

Price Action Trading analysis strategy

Gilead Sciences share shows strong technical breakout on weekly charts. The price Action trading technical analysis shows the stock is poised for a further rally towards the $100 mark. So one can accumulate the stock for a good rally.

Gilead Sciences Share:

Gilead Sciences Inc. Is an American Biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes Therapeutics. It is highly Research and Development oriented company and has many patents.

Price Action Trading analysis strategy:

In the trading price is ultimate. Price knows every single development in a company. Price action trading technical analysis strategy shows what is happening inside the company.

Price Action Trading analysis strategy

As the share rises continuously for last 3 months it is saying some bigger developments in the company. Till the news gets out the share will skyrocket. The major trend line resistance of Gilead Sciences was broken 3 weeks before then the stock consolidates around those levels. Now, the stock has broken out of the resistance so one can expect the minimum target of $102. Buy Mazor  Robotics for Bumper gains 


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