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Why Blue Whale Game And Share Trading Are Same?


Playing blue whale game leads to death. trading shares will lead to loss of wealth. But, in share trading you have great chance to win.

Blue Whale Game:

The Whale game or “Blue Whale Challange” is an internet game. The game allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period. The final challenge requires the player to commit suicide.

Everyone playing blue whale enters the game to check what it is? But unfortunately, they are trapped into death. So playing the Blue Whale Game is not advised to any of my readers.

Share Trading:

Share trading is not a game. It is a real thing. Share trading is regulated by several government authorities. It does not consist of any tasks. Trader determines when to trade when not to. But uninformed greedy trader will lose his wealth. In share market trading One’s gain is others pain.

Blue Whale Game And Share Trading Compared:

Blue Whale Game and share Markets are same. If you are uninformed In Blue whale game you will be killed, In share market trading you’ll lose your wealth. So, being informed is more important in trading. Informed trading involves preparing an actionable trading plan and being patience still the opportunity arises. The actionable trading plan must include trading entry, exit and stop loss.

blue whale game kills

After knowing about share trading fully, doing trading is good for everyone. Because trading is an art it requires some special qualities. So share trading is advised to everyone but after knowing about it.

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