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Buy Bitcoins Short-Term: Short Sellers Commit Suicide


Yes, Buy Bitcoins for short term. Minor corrections are over and Bitcoin is ready for fresh highs. As the technical pattern suggests Bitcoin is poised for a good rally in the short run.

Buy Facebook stock for short-term

Bitcoin Bulls are always earning handsomely. Bears fingers always burnt on bull fire.

Bitcoin Bears expects Bitcoin To drop towards 5500 but the Technical picture of Bitcoin is painting a different picture.

Dow 30 Heatmap: Stocks Contribution to Dow Jones 30 index

Buy Bitcoins Short-Term:

On hourly Chart Bitcoin corrected from 6300 to 6000. Around 6000 Bitcoin Bulls step in and protected the fall and pushed above the falling resistance of 6130 quickly and takes a support around 6100. Now it is ready for a fresh swift rally towards 6600.

Buy Bitcoin Technical Chart


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