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Dow Jones Ready for Take off, Are you Ready?


The DJIA MarketWatch daily analysis is a daily updating trend trading report. Dow Jones Industrial Average Index 30 is ready for takeoff as the technical analysis suggests the bullish trend. The major resistance for the index for tomorrow is 21997 if Dow 30 index breaks comfortably then it may rally towards all time high.

Dow 30 Yesterday:

Yesterday Dow Jones 30 index opened at 21859.76. And immediately goes to the lows of the day at 21839.47. After 4 hours of consolidation between low and 21880 Dow breaks out and moves fast to the highs of the day at 21914.76. Dow 30 index resisted at 21914.76 yesterday I clearly mentioned about 21912 as strong resistance. And then Dow 30 index pulled back to the previous close. Finally, Dow 30 closed the day at 21892.43 with 27.06 points or .12%.

Dow 30 Stocks Contribution:

Goldman Sachs and Caterpillar shares contributed 27 points on the upside yesterday. At the same time the Travellers, Johnson&Johnson and United Health contributed 21 points on the downside. Check here which shares contribute on the upside or downside.

DJIA MarketWatch Daily Analysis:

As per the latest technical pattern, Dow 30 index is ready for a good rally. The resistance for the day is placed at 21920 and 21997. If DJIA breaks the resistance at 21997 then non-stop rally towards all time high. 21850 is the strong support for the Dow 30 index for tomorrow. If Dow breaks the support then it may fall towards the next support of 21760.




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