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Dow 30 HeatMap

The GOMARKETWATCH Real-Time Exchange Dow 30 HeatMap shows real-time quotes of all Dow 30 stocks… sorted by contribution gains and losses.

->The green boxes mean those stocks are higher. The red boxes mean those stocks are lower. The black boxes mean the stocks are unchanged.

->They’re ranked in order of contribution performance – the top performers are in the upper right corner; the worst performers are lower left.

->The color coding allows you to see the visual context of the market (more green than red means the internals look strong) without seeing only a number for the index.

Stock Heatmap Live:

Like S&P 500 HeatMap, Dow 30 stocks HeatMap Displays the latest Market map for Dow 30 stocks. It will be very useful to find out which stocks are moving the Dow Jones index on either side. If you are a Dow futures trader then refer this page to know the contributors and trade the Dow futures accordingly.

Dow Jones Industrial Average HeatMap:

Dow 30 stocks HeatMap helps Traders and Investors to spot the main move in the DJI Index. Significant color changes show what stocks listed in the DJI index are on the bullish (green boxes in the map below) and what stocks are on bearish (red boxes in the map below) move. So, one can spot which stock is pushing the index up or down.

Heatmap’s Features:

  • Heatmap lists Dow Jones industrial average stocks based on their contribution to the index.
  • The US stock market Heatmap is delayed but Accurate.

The latest market data for all 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Hence, one can use this stock heatmap tool for effective day trading.

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