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4+1 Reasons Dow Jones Crash this time is worse than 2008 crash


I have listed 5 reasons for Dow Jones Crash This time is worse than 2008 crash. In 2008 the Dow Jones Index plummeted 60% from the high. Will this repeat again?

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Stock Markets are not one-way money making machines. They came with lots of ups and downs. It cannot go one way on the Upside. If you Read One Article about will the Stock Market Crash This year Read this one?

Monthly Doji Candle:

Dow Jones Index has a perfect Doji candle on August Month. Monthly Doji Candles predicted most of the Crashes Earlier. As this time also after a long bull run the Index chart painted a Doji Candle. Which will lead to Dow Jones Crash?

Dow Tripled After 2008 Crash:

From March 2009 low of 6500, Dow rallied more than 3 times. A Crash will come Always followed by good rallies in Dow Jones. Dow Jones rally is perfectly painted in a channel. Channel Tops Sold into and Channel bottoms bought into But This time there will be no buyer.Dow Jones Crash

Technical Picture:

Dow Jones Index Broken out of a Gramophone Pattern 2013 November. After the breakout, the index rallies tremendously. Now Dow Jones Index is at channel top. As No trigger left to break out above the channel top the opposite will happen. That is fall below the channel bottom and a pull back towards the breakdown resistance and then a Horrible Dow Jones Crash.

Fed Roll If crash Happens:

In 2008 crash, Fed comes in prints more money, lowers interest rate and bails out everything. What is the current scenario? the interest rates are already low they cannot go below zero in the US like Europe. They cannot print more money that will lead to faithlessness in currency. So available option for the Fed is to Bail in. They trailed Bail in in Cypress. So the fall will last for longer time.

Be Prepared about, Dow Jones Crash:

I Don’t have any clues on what is the cause of the crash. I may advise cashing your stocks sacrificing some profit. It will keep you safe in tuff times. So preparing for the Dow Jones Crash and Surviving the Crash is more important. I have advised buying CBOE VIX ETF’s.

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