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Dow Jones Daily Analysis -Fed Interest Rate


Dow Jones Daily Analysis on Fed interest rate meeting today.yesterday Dow 30 closed up by 5.28 points.Fed’s interest rate decision will affect Dow 30’s prevailing trend.

Fed Interest Rate:

Fed’s Interest rate decision probably affect Dow 30’s Prevailing trend.Today FOMC releases its minutes of July 25&26/2017 meeting.Check Fed Rate Monitoring Tool here.


Dow Jones Daily Analysis:

As I mentioned yesterday Analysis Dow 30 resisted at 22038 and Low also protected.So yesterday is a tight range bound move As i mentioned .Yesterday Dow 30 closed below the open of  22029.91 which is minor weakness for markets.As today Fed minutes is there so expect breakout on either side.

For today 21970 is the strong support on downside if breaks watch out for 21910 and 21840.On the upside 22050 is strong resistance if breaks watch out for 22122 and 22172.


                                Contribution towards the movement in the INDEX by the movement of a stock is shown here

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