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Dow Jones Daily Forecast Before Jackson Hole


                  Dow Jones Daily Forecast Before Jackson Hole. Dow Jones 30 index closes lower as optimism fades before the Jackson Hole. As investors wait for the worlds central bankers comments on economy and rate cycle.

Du Pont Out DuPont In Dow 30 Reshuffle:

                 DowDowDuPont Inc. will replace E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) effective prior to the open of trading on Friday, September 1. The index change was prompted by the merger of The Dow Chemical Company and du Pont into one company. It is effective on the same date. Replacing du Pont with the new DowDuPont allows the Dow Jones Industrial Average to maintain its exposure to the Materials sector.

Dow Jones Industrial Average, September 1
ADDEDDowDuPontMaterialsDiversified Chemicals
DELETEDdu PontMaterialsDiversified Chemicals

Dow Slips 28 Points, Falls for second day:

Yesterday Dow 30 index opened at 21839.90. And immediately went to the days high at 21870.11 yesterday on my daily analysis i clearly mentioned the resistance at 21870. And the index starts to grind lower to the level of 21765.82. Finally the Dow 30 index closed at 21783.40 down by 28.69 points.

GoMarketwatch prediction of high on Dow 30GoMarketwatch prediction of high on Dow 30

Yesterday United Technicals, Walmart Stores, The Travellers combinedly pull the Dow Jones down by 33 points and Chevron and IBM defended the Dow 30 by 11 points. Check Real time Dow 30 stocks contribution to the Index here.

Dow 30 Tomorrow Prediction:

                       For Tomorrow Dow 30 Should be resisted near 21850 and Support stays at 21760. If resistance broken Dow 30 will climb to the highs the next resistance points are 21940 and 22020. If Dow breaks support then it must go lower the next supports stays at 21700 and 21665. As today is weekly close If Dow holds 21740 then it may rally at the fag end of the day.

Dow Jones Daily Forecast Before Jackson Hole


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