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Dow Jones Index Today Closed Flat, What Next?


.                                  Dow Jones Index Today closed flat with negative bias. Dow Futures falls 107 points as North Korea jitters returns to haunt wall street. What to do tomorrow either buy or sell? Technical analysis will tell the answer.

Dow Jones Index Today:

Today Dow Jones Index opened at 21832.50. And immediately goes to the highs of the day at 21861.49. On my last analysis, I clearly mentioned Dow Jones Index has a resistance near 21850 and today Dow Jones Index resisted at 21861 that is the power of technical analysis. And then Dow Jones 30 Index falls to the lows of the day and registers day low as 21767.94. Check my last report The support for the index also mentioned at 21760. What is in for next let’s analyze Dow 30 for tomorrow.

Dow Jones Index Tomorrow Forecast:

For tomorrow Resistance for the index is placed at 21766 to 21783. The high for tomorrow may be around these levels only. If the index breaks resistance then next resistances are 21816 and 21870 this is a rare possibility. 21702 and 21732 are the Support levels for the index. Free fall will happen to the levels of 21597 if the support breaks in Dow 30 index.

Dow Jones Index Today Closed Flat, What Next?

Markets rattled by Korea crisis:

The “flight to safety trade” is being seen across financial markets after Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile over Japan. while the U.S and South Korea wrapped up there annual military drills in the area. Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Hence one can expect some more down side on Dow 30 index for tomorrow.

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