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Ftse trading is the best and highly liquid index trading for ftse trader .FTSE day trader must have look on weekly trend of  the index also.Last week FTSE opened at 7511.78 and immediately went high to register weekly high of 7551.85 after that short selling ftse trader become very active due to global uncertainty and the index breaks its weekly low continuously and registers weekly low as 7296.49 and ftse index closed  the week at 7309.96.Last week ftse trading is in the hands of short selling ftse traders.

For coming week 7286 to 7310 range will act as support for bullish ftse trader if holds ftse 100 index may bounce till 7511  and 7561 if ftse index fails to hold the support sellers may be active in ftse trading and index may go lower to the levels of 7203 and 7114.

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