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Gold as an Investment , When Markets are more jittery


Gold as an Investment:

This is the best time to look Gold As An Investment. As Economic and political situation looks more jittery it is better to buy gold.

                                All That Glitters Are Not Gold. Gold is Always Gold. There is no substitute for That. 
              Gold is one of the most famous precious metal as an investment in the history. Investors all over the world buy gold as a way of diversifying portfolio risks.
              For last 6 years gold done nothing in fact it has fallen $ 600 points from the high of $ 1920. At the same time stock market, bitcoin and all other commodities had a dream run. But Now the risky assets are started to fall at the same time gold as an investment has formed rock solid bottom around $ 1048.

Advantages of  Gold Investment:

Gold, like all other precious metals, can be used as,

  • Hedge against Inflation
  • Protection against Deflation
  • Hedge against Currency Devaluation
  • It Does not have any default risk

Joe Foster, Explained

The currencies of all the major countries are under severe pressure because of massive government deficits. The more money that is pumped into these economies – the printing of money basically- then the less valuable the currencies become.

Now the world is talking about an end to easy money. Bonds around the world paying zilch. banks are in distress. Investing in gold is the best option available to investors for portfolio hedging.

Gold Technical Analysis:

As per my technical analysis this is the best time to accumulate gold as an Investment. If Gold $1350 then it will rally non-stop to the levels of $1600. So this is the best time to invest in gold. On October 2017 gold broken out the falling trend line and then it is consolidating above the breakout and forming a triangle. Normally it is viewed as bullish consolidation. So investing in gold right now is the best time.

gold as an investment

As per current political, economic and investment climate gold is the best choice against risky assets. One may look into accumulating gold for 3 to 5 years investment.

How to buy Gold:

All are set, ready to invest in gold but how to start whether through physical gold or gold futures or gold ETF’s. As per my experience investing through gold ETF is the best choice.

Buying Gold Bars is the traditional way of investing gold. Cold coins is another way of owning golds as investment.

Gold Exchange Traded funds is the better way of investing in gold. Gold is better investment when markets are jittery. Now after long run world stock markets are looking jittery So it is the best time to look gold as an investment.

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