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Here Come New Investing Ideas for Volatility Indicator

Volatility Indicator Vix

Here Come New Investing Ideas for Volatility Indicator. When The Stock Market goes into crash then the only opportunity available for investors is Volatility Indicator CBOE VIX ETF.

I Already cautioned investors about Stock Market crashes And Explained about What is the Stock Market Crash? And also advised Investors to protect their wealth by investing their money into gold which will Double or Triple in Near future. And Advised the Canadian Investors about the Historical crash in Canadian TSX Composite index.

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Volatility Indicator Bottoming out:

Volatility Indicator is not a trending indicator it is a range bound one. When Volatility is high it must come to low. When volatility is low it must go to high. Now the Volatility Indicator bottoms out between 9 to 10. Next important points for volatility indicator is 16, 32, 44, 60, 90. In October 2009 the index hit high at 89.53. So the return potential is very high while investing in VIX ETF. The risk reward ratio also favorable.

Year to date The CBOE VIX down 12.46% But for last six month the index up 12.14%. So last six months some shot of accumulation is happening in CBOE VIX volatility index. For last 3 month the index up 22%.

16 is the major resistance for the CBOE index But when VIX rises it does not respect resistance. Because it rises due to panic.

Finally, Investing In Volatility Indicator will protect your wealth. So try to Accumulate VIX ETF’s






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