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How Low Can Dow Jones Stock Index Go On Downside?


Dow Jones Stock Index holds Support for the third time Wheather it holds this time or will it break. Technical Analysis that works all time. Support and Resistance for the Dow Jones 30 Index.

Yesterday Dow Jones Stock Index.

Yesterday the index closed at 21784.78 with 22.86 Points or 0.10% down. The Index opened the day at 21820.38 and immediately went to the highs of the day at 21850.01. And then the responsive sellers took over the index and every bull back was sold into. The index registers the Day low at 21745.71.

Go MarketWatch HeatMap:

Go MarketWatch HeatMap Provides which stocks move the index on the upside and which move on the downside with their respective contribution points. Yesterday 3M, Boeing, Mcdonalds moved the index by 40 points on the upside. And Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, The Travellers Moved the index by 61 points on Downside.

Tomorrow Dow Jones Stock Index Prediction:

Yesterday the Dow 30 index holds the support at 21745. And for today also the same point is the support. If the index holds it then it may bounce till 21913. or else it may fall below 21600. On account of North Korea Foundation Day every one expecting Some negative reactions on the Dow 30 Index.

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