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MarketWatch What you must know as a trader


MarketWatch is a almost free financial information company for Traders, Investors and Personnel finance. MarketWatch.com is probably the largest collection of free financial information on the web.

MarketWatch- How to Learn about stocks and personnel finance:

If you are new to stocks and bonds, It is very easy to learn about stocks, bonds and personnel finance through MarketWatch.

Go to MarketWatch ->Click Sections At Right Top -> Personnel Finance -> Getting Started to learn about stocks.

This Page is your gateway to tutorials all important personnel finance topics, from stocks and mutual funds to derivatives and etf’s.

One of true treasures of the MarketWatch site is its collection of personnel finance articles.

These articles dating back to several years, contain the collected wisdom of dozens of financial experts. So it can help you to strategize any finance issue.

The articles are organised into the following topics: Taxes, Spending and Saving, Careers, small business, credit cards.

MarketWatch- How to Track Stock Market Performance:

Well the website name is MarketWatch- of course you can use it to watch the Markets.

We will look at three of the most common market-tracking activities

  1. General Market Performance,

  2. Specific Industry Performance,

  3. Individual Securities Performance ,


1.General Market Performance:

The Best place to track overall market performance is the market overview page. In this page all essential data is presented and the most active securities are listed. This is a best page to get a snapshot of general market performance of world market stock exchanges,currencies and Private offerings.

MarketWatch US market Overview

Market Summary is another important Page which shows various indices of US Stock Markets. It is very useful for Day Traders to find out which indices are moving higher and which indices moving down.

Market Watch US Market Summary

2.Specific Industries Performance:

Buy the Strength and Sell the Weakness is one of the very successful trading strategy. If one industry has high positive strength select one stock from that industry with high RSI for long trade. If another industry has high negative strength select one stock from that industry with low RSI for short trade.

To track the performance of specific industries, go to Investor Tools ->Industries.

This Page lists the 10 best performing industries and 10 worst performing industries with link for detailed analysis.

3.Individual Stock Performance:

Apart from general market performance and specific industries performance, individual stock performance also available with detailed fundamental and technical details. The performance metrics of individual stocks are available for 5 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month, Year To Date, 1 Year.


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