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What Next For DAX Index- Weekly Technical Analysis


                                                   What Next For DAX Index- Weekly Technical Analysis. As the US North Korea situation worsening what is next for DAX stock Index. Last week Germany DAX index gains 1.26% For the week.

What Next For DAX Index– Weekly Technical Analysis:

  1. DAX is resisted near channel top on monthly chart Expect some pull back towards the channel bottom

  2. Korean tensions weighting Global markets heavily.

  3. Last week DAX closed on the positive note with 1.26%.

  4. On yearly basis, DAX has gained 15.37%.

  5. On Monthly basis DAX Losses 2.30%.

  6. Futures Shorting, Put option buying or Call option selling is available strategies for a DAX trader.

  7. As Korean Tensions mounting high volatility will also be high.

  8. After a long low volatility regime, high volatility season may start.

    What Next For DAX Index- Weekly Technical Analysis.

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