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Nifty HeatMap- CNX Nifty Dynamic HeatMap-Nifty 50 Heatmap

Nifty Heat Map:

Like Dow 30 heatmap and S&P 500 heat map, Nifty Heat Map also visualizes Nifty stocks based on their contribution to Nifty. This Unique Tool helps you to find which stocks are driving the market up/down.

This tool works well in market hours only.

Know today’s buzzing stocks from the NSE Heat Map. Find the current Top gainers & Top Losers for NSE NIFTY stocks in a single view.

You can see which stocks are driving the Sensex and the Nifty up or down and by how many points.

Nifty 50 Heat Map This unique chart helps you to track which stocks are pushing nifty up and down. The stock which is Up is shown in green, Down is in red.
Track the live heatmap to understand who is driving the market for the day!

Dark Green In the Table shows Stocks which are moving Nifty 50 up. Dark Red In the table shows stocks which are moving Nifty 50 index Down. Light Colour of stocks shows minimum support to the index.

How To use Nifty 50 Heatmap for Trading:

Live Nifty 50 Market Map tool helps you understand performance in the market with the contribution of each stock. Nifty follows free-float market capitalization method to find out the value of Nifty index. As per free float capitalization, top 10 stocks contribute more than 50 percent of the total free float capitalization.

So, if you are a Nifty futures trader you must be aware of which stock or sectors are contributing to today’s market move. In our Nifty Heatmap tool, we arranged the stocks based on their contribution to the Nifty 50 index.

Caution: Our Nifty 50 heatmap tool gets data from various reliable sources. It may be delayed, so make sure that the data provided is correct before taking the trading decision. 

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