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9 Reasons Dow Jones Trading Signals are the Weakest Ones

Dow Jones trading signals in september month

Did you know that historically September is the worst month for Dow Jones? Dow Jones trading signals show bearishness for the September month. Here I discuss 9 worst Dow Jones trading signals for the September month.

Historic Performance in September:

Dow since 1896:

  • On average, the Dow has lost -1.1 percent
  • Down 58 percent of the time
  • Best Sept. was in 1916 when it rose 12 percent
  • Worst was in 1931 when it fell -31 percent
  • On average, the Dow has lost -1.9 percent during Sept. when Aug. has been a positive month, down 85 percent of the time.

Source Courtesy: Historic Performance in September

Disturbing North Korea:

North Korea is in headlines for every Monday. It threatens the world and that reflects in markets. When the world responses for that then it will be serious for markets. Have a close watch on this front.

Dow Jones Trading Signals

August Month  Doji Candle:

Doji Candle is a confusing and reversal candle. Dow Jones Last month formed a Doji Candle If the rally to sustain bulls must protect 21600.34. If the level is not protected then some serious damage will happen.

Strong Resistance:

Dow Jones formed strong resistance at 21997 which must be broken for the further rally. If the resistance is not broken then correction is not avoided. This opens up an opportunity for bears. The 9-year-old bull is so tired. World War 3 And Dow Jones.

Dow Jones Trading Signals:

Dow Jones trading signals technical analysis chart

Dow Jones trading signals completed its abc correction of wave 2 at 22038. Now impulsive correction to start but support is placed at 21907. If the support holds Dow Jones may bounce back to the levels of 22085. Otherwise, fall towards 21600 is possible.

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