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                              Corrections are healthy for markets finally the much awaited correction by the news of a war like situation between North Korea and US.Normally war situations create panic in markets .This correction has minor support at 2401 and major support is at  2330.


                               Last week the S&P 500 index opened at 2477 and immediately went high to register the weeks high at 2490 and then starts to fall to the lowest level of the week which is  at 2437.80 and closed for the week negative at 2441.30.



For the coming week S&P 500 index must be in bear grip but the range of  2420 to 2412 range may offer some shot of  support for the index . If the index holds the support then it may bounce to the levels of  2470 to 2477 which may act as strong resistance for the index. 

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