By | August 15, 2017

                                              S&P 500 opens strong above Fridays high at 2494.96 due to the news of tensions settling down in North Korea.For this week S&P 500 opened at 2494.96 and low of the week is also 2494.96 so this week may we strong comeback for S&P 500 if the low holds.The high of the day is 2468 and closed at 2465 close is near the high.

                                               For tomorrow first resistance is placed at 2474 and second resistance is placed at 2490.If low breaks first support is placed at 2448 and the second support is  placed at 2420.


  You can see which stocks are driving the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE UP or DOWN and by how many points.Contribution towards the movement in the INDEX by the movement of a stock is shown here.

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