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SPX Weekly Analysis After US Troops at North Korea


                 SPX Weekly Analysis After US Troops at North Korea. The US sends its troops to North Korea border analyzing how it will affect S&P 500 index. Last week S&P 500 index losses 15.77 points or 0.65%.

SPX Weekly Analysis After US Troops at North Korea:

                                                 The US sends the military to North Korea BORDER as tensions with Pyongyang escalate. The United States and South Korea are preparing to roll out their armies across the North Korean border as the threat of World War 3 intensifies. What Would Happen To Dow 30 If WW3 Broke Out?

                                                 Last week the S&P 500 index opened with a strong note at 2454.96. On the back of the news easing tensions between the US and North Korea. And went to the highs of the day slowly registers the week high at 2474.93. Due to the Cautious view of FOMC on lower inflation and Barcelona terror attack, the S&P 500 index suddenly breaks the weekly low and registers new low as 2420.69. Finally, the S&P 500 index Closed the week with a loss of 15.77 points or 0.65% at 2425.55 near to the lows of the week.

SPX Weekly Analysis After US Troops at North Korea

                                        On my last weekly analysis, I mentioned resistance for the week is placed at the levels of 2470 to 2477 and the S&P 500 index resisted at 2474.93. And I mentioned support range for the week as 2412 to 2420 and the index exactly taken the support at 2420.69. Let’s analyze how the S&P 500 index would pan out this week.

                                       For coming week the S&P 500 index must hold the support of 2412 to 2420. If the support Zone was broken then the index may go to the levels of 2391 and 2328. If the support zone holds then the index may bounce till the levels of 2454.96 and 2474.93. This week make or break week. Let’s watch out.

                                        What Would Happen To Markets If WW3 Broke Out? Markets are always Ultimate. So nothing happens without the knowledge of markets. Most of the Big market participants, Global Banks must know what will happen between the US and North Korea. And finally, Markets are dynamic in nature be dynamic change your plan accordingly.

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