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Stock Heat Map: Sector Heat Map

A Stock Heat Map is a two-dimensional visual Chart, representing the performance of stocks listed on stock exchanges, useful for traders and investors.

So, Heat Map‘s are very useful for traders and investors to understand what is happening in the stock market. GoMarketWatch lists various possible financial heat map’s.

Perhaps paradoxically, the “heat”—the current hot stocks and sectors at any given time—are designated by light-to-darker shades of green, while the colder (negative) stocks and sectors are highlighted in red. In other words, green-to-intensely bright green stocks and sectors are being bought, while red or intensely red stocks and sectors are being sold. Hot is green, red is cold.

Therefore, One can Earn More money using this free stock heat map tool for successful trading. Stock market heatmap tool is time lagging but live. So, you must cross check the price at your trading terminal.

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