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Stock Watch: Coca-Cola Stock Ready For Breakout


Coca-Cola stock one of the world’s largest beverage company is ready to breakout above 19-year range. If the stock breaks out comfortably, then another round of historical bull run may start in this stock. The stock formed a good base around the level of $20 between the years of 2003 and 2009.

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Coca-Cola  Stock Watch:

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Investing in market leaders gives a comfort while Stock Market Crashes. Coca-Cola stock is the beverage industry leader with $195.27 Billion. As the stock is in consumer discretionary sector it commands at high PE of 47.90. And it has the low beta value of 0.71. Low Beta stocks are best investment candidates for long-term. Watch Coca-Cola Stock for long-term investment.

Coca-Cola Share Technicals:

Coca-Cola stock Chart watch

Coca-Cola on the technical front forms a rounding bottom with a depth of $27 points. If the stock holds above the level of $45 then it may spurt immediately (within 2 weeks) to the levels of $70. and then it may gradually rise towards the level of $100 in the medium term. Market members are watching the stock for a breakout.





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