Home US Markets Trump Pro Growth Leads Dow Crash -Daily Analysis

Trump Pro Growth Leads Dow Crash -Daily Analysis

Trump Pro Growth Leads Dow Crash -Daily Analysis

                             Trump Pro Growth Leads Dow Crash- Daily Analysis .Stocks are tumbling yesterday amid that the Republican Pro growth agenda good be at risk and a Terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Trump Pro Growth Agenda:

                                          Dow Jones 30 Index hit hardly on Thursday as Investors worried about President Donald Trump’s ability to pursue his pro growth polices. Mass resignation from Trump’s corporate advisory council were nothing at least in the Markets mind. Compared the possibility That Gary Cohn might step down as head of President Trump’s National Economic Council .

Dow 30 Index Daily Analysis:

                                          The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 274.14 points, or 1.2% to 21750.73. Dow 30 index posts biggest one day fall in 3 months ,concerns over Trump agenda grow.Trump Pro Growth Leads  Dow Crash -Daily Analysis

                                      As current downside impulsive wave is 3rd wave or C wave it may be fast and furious. No one can predict where it can stop. Hence trail your stop loss and ride the bear attack on Dow 30 index due to various news . Support zones are pointed out on the technical chart.



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