By | August 25, 2017

           United Technologies Stock Divided Technical views. United Technologies stock shows divided technical signals. What to do Buy, Sell or Hold.

United Technologies Stock:

  • Would deploying $22 billion to acquire COL be a wise move for UTX?
  • The math for shareholder repurchase is more lucrative.
  • Maintain my bearish stance on the stock even if the deal goes through.

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Bull Case Scenario:

United Technologies Stock has a failed breakout or Strong resistive reversal around $124. Then the stock starts to fall continuously every bounce has been sold out. But now it is near to the strong support zone of $114 to $116.

If the support holds then United Technologies has a life to go above all time highs. As the stock is near to the support zone Bulls have an edge.

Bear Case Scenario:

                                    As the Sock is coming from the resistance levels one should consider this as a strong warning. If the stock closes below $114 then the stock may free fall to the levels of $85 but the stock also has minor support near $100.

                                 The  United Technologies Stock Divided Technical Views as the stock is Near the support anything can happen. So price tells everything to watch it closely trade like professional.

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