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If You Read One Article About Will the Stock Market Crash This Year Read this One

will the stock market crash this year

I already Cautioned bulls About “Beware Bulls Market May Destroy Your Wealth“. Now the Second Warning is “Will the Stock Market Crash This Year”. And also Write about ww3 and Markets reaction. So 9-year-old rally to end this year and the biggest crash will happen to the stocks.

Will The Stock Market Crash This Year:

The answer is very simple “yes” the stock market is going to crash this year. This is the biggest ever crash we are going to see. Already warned about Canadian TSX 60 is ready for the historical crash. All other world markets also painting the same picture. And also advised investors to Accumulate gold for double or tipple return. Somebody laughing at me but time will tell the answer for them.

I Don’t believe politicians and Janet Yellen words because they hide something from people. When Politicians Say “Trust me” better being careful is good and there is no excuse. In June Federal Reserve meeting Janet Yellen, Head of Federal Reserve Stated that she expects no “New Financial Crisis in our lifetimes”.

If the economy doing well why she speaks about the crash. Something she is hiding. I think the fact that a global recession is on our doorsteps. Be prepared.

I know something it’s this: When Politicians say “Don’t Panic” It’s time to panic.

Now the caution is from the Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen.

The Worst Thing Is:

In This next recession, we can’t lower interest rates enough, because they are already too low…we really can’t go negative like Europe…it will be a bloodbath. If you Don’t believe this, no problem But keep considerable gold investments in your portfolio and buy some Index Put For hedging.

Will the stock market crash this year? Yes, Be prepared. Protect your wealth.

Investments are subject to market risks.


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