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World Stock Markets Are Ready For Historic Crash, Are You Ready?


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World Stock Markets Are Ready For Historic Crash:-

In History, most of the years, stock market moves up, but now world stock markets are ready for historic crash. Unfortunately investors are not ready.

In the world, No one likes market crash but unfortunately US stock markets are suggesting a historic stock market crashes. Not only US all other stock exchanges are also painting the same picture.

The meaning of “Historic Crash” is this time the crash will be in the stock market history like Great Crash of stock market in 1929. Technical and Fundamentals of stock market suggest this is the worst stock market bubble we have ever had.

On September 2017, I have written various articles about world stock market crashes, predicting the first phase of the market bubble. They are,

  1.  Will the stock market crash this year
  2. What is the Stock  market Crash
  3. Dow Jones crash this time is worse than 2008 crash     
  4. when will the next world stock market crash happen

Read the above articles to get clear knowledge about the burst of the world stock market bubble.

Stock Market Crashes:-

A Stock Market Crash is a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross section of a stock market resulting in a significant loss of paper wealth



Stock market crashes are sudden, Scary and surprisingly comman


Normally the stock crashes occurs in Three phase

1.Initial phase

2.Fix Phase

3.Fail Phase or Final phase

1.Initial Phase:-

In this phase the smart money goes out from the stock market. The fall breaks earlier supports. Everyone speaks about stock market crash. but suddenly the fall stops. It is like Teaser of a film.

2.Fix Phase:

In this Phase the frustrated retail enters in to fix the initial damage caused by the smart money. The rise will not be clear. One day rise one day fall it is a consolidation phase.

3.Fail Phase:

Once the Retail traders realize that the initial fall was not fixable then the third phase or Fail Phase happens. It is the real face of the stock market crash. It is the main picture.

1929 Stock market crash is the most vulnerable stock market crash in the history so far.

Market Bubble:-

A stock market bubble is a type of economic bubble  taking place in stock markets when market participants derive stock prices above their value in relation to some system of valuation

-Source Wikipedia

In history stock markets had many bubbles like Technology stocks Bubble in 2000, Global financial crash in 2007. But will lead to the stock market crash this time.


               There are two bubbles: we have a stock market bubble, and we have a bond market bubble

-Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman

Greenspan Said this time bond market bubble and stock market bubble will lead to stock market crash.

I will notify one more major bubble that is Cryptocurrency  or BITCOIN bubble which is already fell more than 50% from its peak.


  Market Bubble Ready To Burst:-

Biggest Stock Market Bubble of all time is ready to burst and stocks could plunge. Will you be ready when the stock market crashes again?

Dow Jones 30 is ready for historical crash the chart is self explanatory

World Stock Markets Are Ready For Historic Crash

Nasdaq Composite is one of the outperforming index among other US stock markets But Negative Divergence is clearly visible.

World Stock Markets Are Ready For Historic Crash

The Broader market index S&P 500 index is at its FIX phase If it fails then Fail Phase will Start.

World Stock Markets Are Ready For Historic Crash

In most of the years, the stock market goes up, And then when you least expect it, it plunges. Unfortunately, stock market investors can’t totally predict it. But now it is visible the Crash may be delayed but not denied.

Be ready for the coming historic world stock market crash.

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